Neuroscience Research

Neural Theory – Formal characterization of information representations and metrics for assessing the computation of neural regions.

Modeling and Simulation – Developing software tools and methods for generating and deploying large-scale models of neural systems on conventional high-performance computing platforms and neural hardware systems.

Neural-inspired Computing – Designing new computing architectures and device materials to accelerate the deployment of neural-inspried algorithms into real-world applications

Neuroinformatics and Data Analytics – Creating approaches to consolidate, analyze and interpret “big data” from experimental and computational neuroscience efforts

Human Imaging – Applying numerous capabilities in human cognitive measurement, such as EEG, tDCS, and eye tracking, to characterize human performance in real world scenarios.

Conferences and Workshops

Sandia Neuroscience helps organize and coordinate a number of workshops.  

The Neural Inspired Computing Elements Workshop, or NICE Workshop, has gathered researchers in neuroscience, neuromorphic engineering, machine learning, and government and industry application representatives since 2013.  NICE was held in Albuquerque, NM from 2013-2015; Berkeley, CA in 2016; San Jose, CA in 2017; and Hillsboro, OR in 2018.  For details, see

At the 2018 World Congress of Computational Intelligence, Sandia researchers are organizing a workshop on Neuromorphic Hardware in Practice and Use