Sandia Neuroscience

Neural Theory

Formalizing new models of the hippocampus

Neural Computing

HAANA Grand Challange

Human Performance Laboratory

Neurogenisis Deep Learning

Apply neuroscience theory in machine learning

Research Areas

Neural Theory – Formal characterization of information representations and metrics for assessing the computation of neural regions.

Modeling and Simulation – Developing software tools and methods for generating and deploying large-scale models of neural systems on conventional high-performance computing platforms and neural hardware systems.

Neural-inspired Computing – Designing new computing architectures and device materials to accelerate the deployment of neural-inspried algorithms into real-world applications.  We also test many neural network accelerators and neuromorphic platforms in the NERL Lab

Neuroinformatics and Data Analytics – Creating approaches to consolidate, analyze and interpret "big data" from experimental and computational neuroscience efforts

Human Performance Laboratory – Exploring human neural dynamics using techniques including EEG, eye tracking, and tDCS

People and Departments

Sandia’s neuroscience research involves an interdisciplinary community of independent research staff and postdocs based in a number of centers and departments across the Laboratories.  

We are often looking for postdoctoral candidates excited in computational neuroscience and theoretical neural computing.  E-mail for information about potential opportunities.