Michael Trumbo, PhD

Cognitive Neuroscience

Michael Trumbo is a Senior Member of Technical Staff in the Cognitive Science and Systems department (1463) at Sandia National Laboratories. His primary research interest is improvement of human performance, with an emphasis on operations environments. He received a Ph.D in cognitive psychology with a concentration in cognitive neuroscience from the University of New Mexico in 2016 and a BS in psychology from the University of Wisconsin – Parkside in 2008. His work at Sandia has employed a variety of methods, including brain stimulation, eye tracking, and EEG, and has centered on assessment of cognitive state and improvement of human learning and memory.

Research Areas

Cognitive Neuroscience

-Investigating the effects of tDCS on learning, memory, and attention

-Real-time assessment of cognitive state using eye-tracking and EEG

Operational Environments

-Assessing and predicting human performance in the domains of cybersecurity and visual search for threat detection

Selected Publications

Trumbo, M. C., Jones, A. P., Robinson, C. S., Cole, K., & Morrow, J. D. (2017). Name that tune: mitigation of driver fatigue via a song naming game. Accident Analysis & Prevention108, 275-284.

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